Investment ~ Full-Service Photography

The investment for full-service photography sessions can vary, since images are sold as products that come with a digital file with each purchase. Completely a la carte, buy only what you absolutely love! The Session Fee books your session and covers our consultations and photoshoot. I walk you through the entire process, keeping you informed along the way. Our time together will result in not only beautiful photos but gorgeous wall art and heirloom print products in your home.

Session Fee

$300 for Newborn

$200 for all other sessions


Starting at $190


Boxes of matted print sets

Starting at $690

Next Steps


Shoot me a quick message with your phone number and what kind of session you’re interested in!


We jump on the phone. I’d love to hear all about your family and your ideas, and introduce you to my service.


A studio consultation to view my prop and client closet options, plan more details and view all of your beautiful portrait display options. If you decide to book, you’ll do it at the consult!

Frequently Asked Questions

My shooting style is a mix of candid and posed. We play a lot to get genuine smiles out of littles and move around so everyone stays loose. And we laugh, A BUNCH. I’m like Chandler from Friends, “I make jokes when I’m uncomfortable” except I do it to keep YOU from feeling uncomfortable! It keeps things light and fun.

As for editing, my style is true to color with some pop! I love boosting the colors and contrast that naturally occur in our photos.

My process is much more hands on than most photographers. I handle everything from start to finish! We start with a studio consultation to plan our session; we discuss color schemes, outfits and your image display options (frames, canvas, albums, etc.) Then we have our fun shoot! About a week after the session, we meet back at my studio for a Viewing and Ordering Appointment to make your artwork selections. Then a few weeks later I will deliver your portraits, and even hang any wall art you purchased!

We all want the digitals. There’s something about the security of having them and being able to back them up somewhere safe. I totally agree! With my services, everything is a la carte. You purchase your images in the form of framed art, collection box prints, or albums, so we’re doing something meaningful with your images first. Then with each image you purchase you receive a matching digital file printable up to 8×10 with a print release. Then you can save them and share them, make copies for family, scrapbook if you want, anything you like! But by letting me take care of the important prints that you want to last, you get the best quality out there. It’s the best of both worlds!

After our Viewing and Ordering Appointment when you’ve selected your portrait products, I will spend the next two weeks editing your images. Then I submit your order with my lab, and I usually receive our items from them within a week! I usually say 3-4 weeks from your order date for me to get everything in and delivered to you.

I have more answers! Send me a message and we’ll chat.